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Explore the colonial history of India with our 1⁄12 Anna coin featuring King William IV and Queen Victoria. Minted from 1835 to 1848 during the era of British rule, this copper coin offers a fascinating glimpse into the numismatic heritage of British India. Add this historical artifact to your collection today.

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Dive into the colonial legacy of India with 1⁄12 Anna coin, featuring the portraits of King William IV and Queen Victoria. Minted between 1835 and 1848 during the period of British dominance in India, this copper coin serves as a tangible reminder of the East India Company’s influence on the region’s economy and culture.

At just 2.19 grams in weight and 18 millimeters in diameter, this 1⁄12 Anna coin bears the intricate designs characteristic of coins minted during the British Raj. The obverse side showcases the profiles of King William IV and Queen Victoria, representing the transition of power between monarchs during this pivotal period in history.

As a standard circulation coin of the East India Company rupee, this 1⁄12 Anna piece played a vital role in facilitating trade and commerce across the Indian subcontinent. Its small denomination made it ideal for everyday transactions, from purchasing goods in local markets to paying taxes to colonial authorities.

Today, this coin serves as a tangible link to India’s colonial past, offering collectors and history enthusiasts alike an opportunity to connect with the country’s rich numismatic heritage. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a novice enthusiast, this 1⁄12 Anna coin is sure to spark intrigue and admiration for its historical significance.

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