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Discover a piece of colonial history with our 1 Pie coin from the Bombay Presidency. Minted during British rule in India, this copper coin features the coat of arms of the East India Company on the obverse and balanced scales on the reverse. Add this fascinating artifact to your collection today!

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Transport yourself back to the colonial era of British India with 1 Pie coin from the Bombay Presidency. This copper coin offers a tangible connection to the region’s rich numismatic heritage and the influence of the East India Company.

The obverse side of the coin features the iconic coat of arms of the East India Company, a symbol of British colonial power and economic dominance in India. Surrounding the coat of arms is the Latin inscription ‘Auspicio Regis Et Senatus Anglia,’ which translates to ‘Under the auspices of the King and the Parliament of England.’ Below the ribbon is the date of minting, while the value ‘Pie’ is displayed above, all within a plain raised rim.

On the reverse side, the coin showcases balanced scales, a traditional symbol of justice and fairness. The value ‘Pie’ is inscribed above the scales, with the Persian legend ‘Adil’ (meaning ‘just’ or ‘fair’) appearing between the pans. Below the scales is the AH date (1246) in reference to the Islamic calendar, providing additional historical context to the coin’s production.

Weighing 2.16 grams and measuring approximately 1⁄192 of a rupee, this 1 Pie coin played a crucial role in everyday transactions and commerce during the British colonial period. Its small denomination made it suitable for use in various economic activities, from buying goods in local markets to paying taxes to colonial authorities.

Today, this 1 Pie coin serves as a tangible reminder of India’s colonial past, offering collectors and history enthusiasts a unique glimpse into the region’s complex and multifaceted history. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a novice enthusiast, this coin is sure to enhance your collection and spark curiosity about India’s colonial heritage.

Add a touch of history to your collection with our 1 Pie coin from the Bombay Presidency. Order now and own a piece of India’s fascinating colonial legacy.

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