Iltutmish Billon Bull and Horse coins


Iltutmish Billon

Bull and Horse coins.

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Iltutmish Bull and Horse Billon Coins are some of the most fascinating and historically significant ancient Indian coins available today. These coins were minted during the reign of Iltutmish, the third ruler of the Slave dynasty, which ruled over northern India during the 13th century CE.

Each coin is made of billon, a silver and copper alloy, and features a distinctive design. The obverse side of the coin features a stylized horse or bull, depending on the type of coin, while the reverse side features the Arabic inscription of Iltutmish’s name and titles.

What makes these coins truly special is their association with Iltutmish, who is known for his military campaigns, administrative reforms, and patronage of the arts and culture. He was also the first Muslim ruler to issue coins in India, making these coins an important part of the country’s numismatic history.

At our e-commerce store, we offer a selection of Iltutmish Bull and Horse Billon Coins, each with its own unique history and character. Whether you are a seasoned collector or a novice enthusiast, these coins are sure to captivate your imagination and inspire your passion for ancient Indian history. All of our coins are certified as authentic by our team of experts, so you can buy with confidence knowing that you are getting a genuine artifact from one of the most fascinating periods in Indian history.

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