Indo-Parthian Gondophares Copper Dracham

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Indo-Parthian, Gondophares (AD 20-50), Copper Drachma, Obv: king Profile Bust facing to right, Rev: Traces of greek & kharoshthi legend, 2.00 Gms, 10.20mm, About fine, Rare.

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Introducing the rare and historically significant Indo-Parthian Gondophares Copper Drachma, available at an unbeatable price on Coinsstuff!

Dating back to AD 20-50, this coin is a fascinating relic from a time when the Indo-Parthian Kingdom ruled over vast parts of India and Central Asia. Its intricate design features a profile bust of King Gondophares facing to the right, with traces of Greek and Kharoshthi legends on the reverse.

As one of the few surviving Indo-Parthian coins, this Copper Drachma provides a valuable insight into the region’s cultural, religious, and economic history. It is a testament to the incredible artistic and intellectual achievements of the Indo-Parthian Kingdom.

At Coinsstuff, we are proud to offer this rare and exceptional piece of history at a price that cannot be beaten. With its weight of 2.00 Gms and diameter of 10.20mm, this coin is a stunning addition to any collection.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of India’s rich cultural heritage. Order now and experience the thrill of holding a genuine piece of Indo-Parthian history in the palm of your hand. Get this rare coin at an unbeatable price only on Coinsstuff!


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