Maitraka Dynasty Silver Coin

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Discover the mystique of history with the Maitraka Dynasty Silver Coin, dating back to 470-490 AD, a Silver Dracham showcasing the majestic burst king face. Acquire this captivating piece of ancient Indian numismatic history at Coinsstuff, offered in its finest grade at an attractive price.

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Unlock a chapter of antiquity with the Maitraka Dynasty Silver Coin, a pristine relic from 470-490 AD, featuring a resplendent burst king face on a Silver Dracham. This coinage embodies the glorious Maitraka Dynasty’s epoch, capturing the essence of a fascinating era in ancient Indian history.

The allure of this artifact lies not just in its exquisite craftsmanship but also in its historical significance. Crafted during an era of cultural and dynastic evolution, each coin unveils a narrative of an illustrious dynasty that left an indelible mark on India’s historical landscape.

At Coinsstuff, we take pride in offering artifacts that speak volumes about ancient India’s grandeur. This remarkable coin, now within your reach, represents an era that echoed the mastery of craftsmanship and the evolution of societal and cultural norms.

By acquiring this exceptional piece, you don’t merely add to your collection; you become a curator of history. Embrace the allure of ancient Indian numismatic heritage with this distinctive relic, exclusively available at Coinsstuff, curated to the finest grade and offered at an enticingly reasonable price.

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  1. Bhavik Khatri

    Small and nice coin

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