Mauryan Punch Mark Coin Gupta & Hardaker Series


Why Choose the Mauryan Punch Mark Coin?

  1. Historical Significance: This coin is a direct link to the Mauryan Empire, a pivotal period in Indian history.
  2. Collectible Gem: Its top-grade condition preserves the intricate details and ancient craftsmanship.
  3. Educational Value: Ideal for both new and seasoned collectors, it adds depth to your coin collection.
  4. Affordable Treasure: Acquire a remarkable piece of Indian history without straining your budget.

The Mauryan Punch Mark Coin is your portal to India’s ancient past. Don’t miss the opportunity to own this affordable, collectible gem. Secure your piece of history today and enrich your numismatic journey.

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Coin Details:

  • Coin Type: Mauryan Punch Mark Coin
  • Era: 300 B.C.
  • Reference: Gupta & Hardaker Series # VI b
  • Condition: Top-Grade, Stunning Detail

Discover a Piece of India’s Past: Dive into the annals of Indian history with the Mauryan Punch Mark Coin (300 B.C.). This extraordinary artifact, part of the Gupta & Hardaker Series # VI b, unravels stories of the ancient Mauryan Empire. Each punch mark narrates a tale of trade, governance, and artistry from a bygone era.

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