Samanta Deva Billon coins Top Condition


Samanta Deva Billon coins

Top Condition

Metal :- Billon ( silver + copper)

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This rare Samanta Deva billon coin features the image of Nandi, the sacred bull of Hindu mythology. The Samanta Deva dynasty ruled over parts of ancient India during the 11th century and their coins are highly sought after by collectors around the world.

This particular coin is a stunning example of the intricate craftsmanship and artistic sensibility of the period. The detailed depiction of Nandi on the coin adds to its overall appeal and value.

Owning this Samanta Deva billon coin is not only a chance to own a piece of ancient Indian history but also an opportunity to connect with the rich heritage and cultural traditions of India. It’s a rare and valuable addition to any coin collection, and a must-have for any serious collector of ancient Indian coins.

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