Era Explore’s Assortment Set


Experience India’s rich history firsthand with our ‘Era Explore’s Assortment Set’ featuring five diverse coins encapsulating ancient, medieval, Mughal, colonial, and modern eras. Delve into these meticulously preserved coins, each a window to a distinct historical epoch. An ideal collection for enthusiasts and curious minds alike, providing a glimpse into India’s numismatic heritage and evolution across centuries.

Carefully packaged to preserve their historical essence, this assortment set is meticulously crafted for both collectors and history enthusiasts. It offers an immersive experience into India’s numismatic heritage, providing insights into the evolution of coinage throughout different historical epochs.

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“Introducing our exclusive ‘Era Explore’s Assortment Set,’ a gateway to India’s illustrious past through five distinct coins representing key historical periods.

Unveil the enigmatic past with hand-punched Mauryan Copper coins dating back to the 6th century BCE, offering a glimpse of ancient monetary systems. Transition through time to the medieval era, encountering Delhi Sultanate Billon Coins bearing Islamic calligraphy—a testament to India’s diverse heritage.

Journey into the opulent Mughal period with intricately inscribed Mughal Copper Coins that echo the grandeur and artistry of an era. Witness the colonial influence depicted in British India Quarter anna coins—a tangible reminder of the nation’s historical narrative.

Experience a leap into the modern era with Post-Independence Indian Rupee 1 Pice coins, reflecting contemporary minting techniques and evolving designs—a testament to India’s progress.

At Coinsstuff, we are committed to making history tangible and engaging. Our Era Explore’s Assortment Set serves as an exceptional educational tool, a captivating collection, and a window into India’s rich historical tapestry—all at an affordable price, inviting everyone to embark on a fascinating journey through time.”

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