Regional Sampler’s Pack

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Explore India’s historical legacy with our Regional Sampler’s Pack, featuring five exclusive coins representing the diverse reigns and rich heritage of North, South, East, West, and Central regions. An invaluable collection for history buffs and coin enthusiasts.Impeccable packaging, informative printed graphics, and a reasonable price make it an irresistible collector’s choice.

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Embark on a historical journey through India’s diverse regions with our exclusive Regional Sampler’s Pack. This meticulously curated collection boasts five coins, each a testament to a remarkable ruler’s legacy.

From Kanishka’s reign in the Kushan Empire to Raja Raja Chola I’s architectural marvels in the South, Chandragupta Maurya’s empire establishment in the East, Pulakeshin II’s Chalukya Dynasty triumphs in the West, and Vikramaditya’s golden era in the Central region, these coins encapsulate pivotal moments in Indian history.

Delve deeper into the stories, cultures, and triumphs of these influential rulers with our detailed coin descriptions and complementary graphic print. Packaged with care, this exclusive set is an ideal introduction to India’s historical richness.

Moreover, each coin is accompanied by detailed printed graphics, meticulously designed to provide a comprehensive overview of its historical context and significance. Our commitment to offering a holistic experience extends to the best-in-class packaging that ensures the safekeeping of these cherished artifacts.

Ideal for both seasoned numismatists and budding history enthusiasts, this Regional Sampler’s Pack is competitively priced to offer unparalleled value for an authentic piece of India’s history. Dive into the past, enrich your collection, and relive the grandeur of India’s legacy with this thoughtfully curated set.”

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