Metallic Varieties Collection

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Explore India’s diverse coinage history with our exclusive Metallic Varieties Collection. This set of five coins crafted from gold, silver, billon, copper, brass, and lead offers a fascinating glimpse into India’s rich numismatic heritage, all in one meticulously packaged ensemble.

With our commitment to top-tier packaging ensuring the safekeeping of these prized possessions, this Metallic Varieties Collection is a compelling addition for both seasoned collectors and enthusiasts seeking to unravel the captivating tale of India’s coinage evolution. Acquire this exquisite ensemble and enrich your collection with the legacy of India’s numismatic marvels

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Dive into the intriguing world of Indian coinage evolution with our Metallic Varieties Collection, a meticulously curated assembly of five unique coins representing various metals and dynasties from antiquity.

The golden Fanam, cherished for its purity and used across South India, and the silver coins bearing the exquisite calligraphy of Mohm Shah from the Delhi Sultanate, offer an insight into the trade systems and artistic intricacies of their eras.

The billon Gandhiya Paisa from the Chalukyas of Karnataka, known for its artistic designs, and the copper coins of the Hindu Shahi Dynasty, depicting religious iconography, unveil tales of cultural significance and craftsmanship.

Our collection further unfolds with the brass coins from Jaipur State, showcasing elegant designs reflecting regional heritage, and the lead coins from the Satavahana Empire, revered for their historical importance.

This exclusive ensemble, encapsulating diverse metallic compositions, historical narratives, and unique craftsmanship, is presented with comprehensive printed graphics, delivering an immersive understanding of each coin’s historical context.

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