Princely State Collection

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Embark on an extraordinary journey through India’s regal past with our Princely State Collection. Featuring ten coins from illustrious states like Gwalior, Kutch, Jaipur, and more, this exclusive ensemble is a testament to India’s diverse cultural legacy.

Accompanied by detailed prints capturing the essence of each coin’s historical narrative, this exclusive Princely State Collection not only celebrates India’s royalty but offers an unparalleled insight into the nation’s regal heritage.

Packaged with utmost care to preserve these historical treasures, this collection is a treasure trove for avid collectors and history aficionados, offering an enthralling passage to India’s majestic past. Own this legacy and behold the splendor of India’s royal eras.

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Delve into the opulent tapestry of India’s regal history with our Princely State Collection, a meticulously curated treasury housing ten coins representing the magnificence of Gwalior, Kutch, Jaipur, and other eminent princely states.

Each coin in this exclusive collection unfolds a captivating saga of heritage and grandeur. Gwalior, steeped in history, with its strategic fort and illustrious dynasties, embodies valor and sovereignty.

Journey to Kutch, renowned for its vibrant culture and exquisite craftsmanship that resonates through its splendid textiles and handicrafts, and to Junagadh, echoing the footprints of ancient empires and the winds of change post-Independence.

Explore Jaipur’s architectural marvels and vibrant cultural legacy initiated by Maharaja Jai Singh II, and traverse through the majestic tales of Baroda’s Gaekwad dynasty, its artistic contributions, and economic prowess.

Witness the growth of Indore under the Holkar dynasty and experience Hyderabad’s cultural melting pot under the Nizams’ rule, echoing the city’s pearls, palaces, and the iconic Charminar.

Revel in Bhopal’s architectural opulence and unique heritage with its trailblazing Begums, immerse in Travancore’s rich temple traditions, and uncover Ratlam’s commercial significance and cultural heritage.

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