South India Ancient coins


South Indian copper coins with πŸ‚ bull god figures
Tanjaore Nayak , Madurai , Vijayanagar kasu coins etc

bull πŸ‚, elephant 🐘, horse 🐴, fish 🐟, Ganesh ji, and other god figures.

A collectible coin from South India

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Explore the rich cultural history of South India with our collection of copper coins from Madurai, Vijayanagar, Tanjore Nayak, and more. These stunning coins feature various god images and animals like bull, elephant, tiger, fish, and more, making them a must-have for any collector.

Each of these coins is a fascinating piece of history, providing a glimpse into the lives and beliefs of ancient South Indians. From the intricate detailing on each coin to the symbolism of the animals and gods depicted, there’s so much to discover and appreciate.

As a collector, owning these coins means not only having a valuable addition to your collection but also being a keeper of South Indian history and heritage. These coins are a testament to the artistic, cultural, and religious achievements of ancient South India and deserve to be treasured for generations to come.

Don’t miss out on the chance to own a piece of South Indian history. Add these stunning copper coins to your collection today and appreciate the ancient history of South India in your own way.


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