HUNS in Kashmir Toramana II


Obverse… Kushan-style King standing facing, sacrificing at altar at left, Brahmi legend above left (off flan): sri toramana

Reverse… Ardochsho (Lakshmi) seated facing on lion in lalitasana (with right leg folded under and left leg hanging down), holding diadem in right hand and long-stemmed lotus in left hand
Date c. 6th CE
Weight 7gm
Toramana II may have succeeded Mihirakula to the Hun kingdom in Kashmir. His coins still show realistic figures for the king and Ardochsho or Lakshmi. The reverse of this coin is normally described as “Ardochsho enthroned” but in fact the deity, probably Lakshmi, is seated on a lion.

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Introducing our latest addition to the Coinsstuff collection – the Huns in Kashmir Toramana II coin. This ancient coin is a rare find, and offers a glimpse into the fascinating history of India. Minted during the reign of the Huns, this coin features a depiction of the ruler, Toramana II.

This coin is a true collector’s item, and offers an opportunity to own a piece of India’s rich heritage. As you hold this coin in your hand, you can feel the weight of history behind it. It is a tangible reminder of the great civilizations that once flourished in our land.

The Huns in Kashmir Toramana II coin is not just a piece of metal – it is a window into the past. As you study the intricate details of this coin, you will gain a deeper appreciation for the artistry and skill of the ancient craftsmen who created it.

At Coinsstuff, we are committed to bringing you the finest selection of ancient Indian coins. We believe that coin collection is not just a hobby, but a way to connect with our heritage and preserve it for future generations. We are proud to offer this rare coin to our customers, and invite you to add it to your collection today.

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